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Bethlehem Online Info was established in 2014 and was specially designed for Small

and Large Businesses as a affordable way of advertising that works.  

Our Businesses are dragged down by all the free listing companies who add our Businesses

without caring about accuracy, as long as they can provide Google with clicks on their sites

so Google can pay them for advertising Companies and this is how they make money to

the expense of our Businesses being dragged down by Google search.

This was the main reason to build Bethlehem Online Info, to take our Businesses back

to where it belong in Google Search.

The second reason was to establish a Business awareness so that customers in the

Eastern Free State could support Local Businesses and thus keep the economy alive in

the Easter Free  State.

So many customers buy their products from larger cities or from the Internet just because

They did not know of your Business and this is not good for our Eastern Free State

Economy. We need to stand together and support our Local Businesses to the benefit

Of us all.

We live in difficult economical circumstances and this is why Bethlehem Online Info

is dedicated to make people aware of our own Businesses before they go and  buy

from other cities.

Keeping our Economy alive is to the benefit of us all and we appreciate everyone who

has signed up with Bethlehem Online Info.

Sign up today and help us to fight back and gain back our own Econmy which is so

Vital to us all.

Bethlehem Online Info is specially designed to drive the Eastern Free State Economy.

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