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Welcome to Dal-Trading Bethlehem !
DAL Trading has customers all over South Africa

and cover markets from residential,

commercial, aviation to agriculture & even major industrial markets.  Our customers

enjoy the stability of trading with an experienced engineering firm in the world

of manufacturing, and this has enabled our customers over time to rely on us and

in many cases to use us as their only engineering & manufacturing source. They are

enjoying the benefits that partnerships bring and together we aim to outperform both

ours and our customer’s competition.

High Standards and Exceptional Quality

We consistently endeavour to improve the high standards of service to our customers

and continuously seek to improve the scope and quality of service.
DAL Trading is experienced in assisting customers with requirements that go beyond our standard range of products or services…

Dana Roothman, has been in the Engineering & manufacturing industry for over 40 years…

From specialist off-site repairs, on-site assistance with installation to the design,manufacture and production of small, medium or even large projects, DAL Trading has the experience to solve your problems and manufacture the products that you need.

Leaders in livestock equipment
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